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Saturday, December 22, 2012

ch1.1 A new life

After a few days of the horrible itching which accompanied the bite which was used to transform me into a vampire, the transformation was completed and I began my new life as a vampire. Admittingly it was annoying since my current job was still a daytime job, but I coped by not spending much time outdoors.

I missed Christopher so much, and I felt his presense nearby often especially at night, almost as if he was haunting me, making sure our daughter was okay.

I continued my hobby of painting to keep from losing my mind. while I was painting a night sky I had an idea. I would paint pictures of my whole family as it grew. Starting with little Rachel

I situated her next to my easel and took quick snapshot before letting her go off and play again. 

Sadly she didn't hold still enough, I kept the painting anyway, I would do another when she was calmer.

I moved my garden a bit away from the house and put a nice fence around it.

Life wasn't easy though, having to do all the work in the house, from the dishes to feeding Rachel, to fixing dinner, to fixing the household appliances when they broke.

Before I knew it Rachel was a toddler, she looked just like her father, I miss him so much.

Since she was a toddler I did my best to teach her to walk, and was proud when she finally took steps fully on her own.

I also taught her to talk, I found my favorite time to spend with her was right after work, she always made my day.

Sadly when I was at work, I had to have a babysitter come in, but she always seemed well taken care of when I came home so there was really no reason to complain.

The last necessary skill for life that I taught her was how to use the restroom on her own, and I am so glad that is done.

Our life is complicated but happy.

(sorry for the hasty chapter)

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