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Saturday, December 22, 2012

ch1.1 A new life

After a few days of the horrible itching which accompanied the bite which was used to transform me into a vampire, the transformation was completed and I began my new life as a vampire. Admittingly it was annoying since my current job was still a daytime job, but I coped by not spending much time outdoors.

I missed Christopher so much, and I felt his presense nearby often especially at night, almost as if he was haunting me, making sure our daughter was okay.

I continued my hobby of painting to keep from losing my mind. while I was painting a night sky I had an idea. I would paint pictures of my whole family as it grew. Starting with little Rachel

I situated her next to my easel and took quick snapshot before letting her go off and play again. 

Sadly she didn't hold still enough, I kept the painting anyway, I would do another when she was calmer.

I moved my garden a bit away from the house and put a nice fence around it.

Life wasn't easy though, having to do all the work in the house, from the dishes to feeding Rachel, to fixing dinner, to fixing the household appliances when they broke.

Before I knew it Rachel was a toddler, she looked just like her father, I miss him so much.

Since she was a toddler I did my best to teach her to walk, and was proud when she finally took steps fully on her own.

I also taught her to talk, I found my favorite time to spend with her was right after work, she always made my day.

Sadly when I was at work, I had to have a babysitter come in, but she always seemed well taken care of when I came home so there was really no reason to complain.

The last necessary skill for life that I taught her was how to use the restroom on her own, and I am so glad that is done.

Our life is complicated but happy.

(sorry for the hasty chapter)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rules of the Mother of the Family Challenge

Here are the rules of the Mother of the Family challenge or MOTF as I like to refer to it as and here is a link to the thread in MTS: MOTF thread.

'Mother of the Family' Challenge: the inspiration for this challenge comes from the Anne Rice vampire chronicles.

I have revamped the rules and put a point system in, if you have any ideas or critiques let me know, I have also restarted the challenge myself! I made a new thread since the last time I had dealt with this challenge was quite a long time ago but if someone wants to see the old thread I will gladly post a link to it!

The object of this challenge is one sim must protect and care for her family threw 10+ generations as a vampire, until the heir of the the 10th generation or later joins her as a vampire. 

This challenge can work as a Legacy challenge if you so wish however I am setting up rules specifically for this Challenge:
Adjust the age setting to where u want them, but remember you can't change it in the middle of the challenge.

To start create one sim in CAS, preferably female (remember this sim will be there for the entire challenge so be happy with what you create!)

She must have family oriented, artistic, and brave. Other traits are up to you. This is your 'mother of the family.' Her lifetime wish is up to you, i chose perfect garden, but you can literally choose anything you want though the only one you probably should not choose is raising 5 children to teen. Since she is only having one child and I cannot remember if her descendants would count towards that.

Next create a basic house, with only the basics, built on the largest lot you can find in your town. (on a 60x60 lot do not exceed 50k furnished value, will be doing research for smaller lots, though the smallest lot I would recommend you use is 30x30, though everything will be a bit cramped and you will have alot more levels up and down) you could also use a premade, its up to you really.
Basics in the challenge:
cheapest stove
cheapest fridge
cheapest sink
fire detector
cheap dishwasher

Dining room: 
cheapest table
cheapest chairs
high chair(cheap, since I don't know what the prices of others besides the original one....)

cheapest sink
cheapest toilet 
cheapest shower or bathtub(your choice but you can't use the combination one)
cheapest mirror
potty chair
cheap washer and dryer(if you have ambitions)
laundry basket

cheapest double bed
cheapest dresser
cheapest mirror

Baby room:
cheapest crib
cheapest dresser
cheapest single bed
cheap mirror
cheap toy box 

Living room: 
cheap sitting area (no more than 4 seats total, example: 2 love seats or 4 chairs)
cheapest tv
cheapest book case

also: you may have 10 decorational(no use other than to decorate the house and make it look pretty) items in the house where ever you wish

A NOTE: you do not have to keep your house and such in the same town, just remember that when u move to another town u either have to keep your lot with your family or take down all stuff in the hall of memories and the shrine to the mother before moving! In fact i encourage it so you don't lose your game.... though I am sure people who do legacy challenges all the time know this....

You are allowed to not have something on the above list however what I have listed is what you can have at the beginning of the challenge. 

Move your 'mother of the family' onto this lot, and through whatever means, and make her only have $500. 

Next she must have one HUMAN pregnancy, and the child(or children) must be human. (another option is creating the child when you create her its up to you) After which she must become a vampire. She must be the only vampire on the lot and no other may turn to vampire while under the 'mother's' protection. She must stay at YA stage threw this entire challenge, and yes it is possible. Use whatever methods you have at your disposal. (ambrosia, life fruit, cow plant*though if the cow plant eats any of your family even if they are not living on the lot any longer you lose points since they were not protected*) She must also not have any more children herself.

Now once the 'mother's' child has reached young adult, congratulations you have made it threw the set up now the real challenge begins.

For each generation your 'mother' must paint a portrait of every member of her family at child, teen, YA, adult and elder stage. Documenting and preserving her family's history, and you must put them on a special floor in your home(until u have the money to build one you may keep these in her inventory, or just put them around the normal home until you do just make sure you keep track of them) (these must be paintings not photography, she is supposed to be old fashioned that way.) She must also write a non-fiction book each generation, giving it the title 'The *family name* Family, Generation #. A bookshelf must be cleared of all other books and put in the hall of memories then must hold all these books. (note the mother's child is the 'pre' generation or generation 0..... there are no guidelines for this)

When any of the children marry, there simply must be a portrait of their spouse at the stage they are married in and all stages after it. (some mods will let Teenagers get married, I see no problem in this if you want to use it) (when doing all the paintings I recommend when you name each painting you say who each one is, what generation they belong to, and what age they are.)

Generation 1 starts with the 'mother's' grandchildren, and this is first fork in the family tree. The mother's child must have at least 2 children. BOTH are heirs to the family. 

All children must be potty trained, learn to walk, and talk, and play on their toys, as toddlers, reading books are optional, though recommended as they can provide you with a lot of points not to mention easy to get skill points later in their life....

You must keep track of two lines(bonus points if you 'keep track' of more lines, and have paintings of sims related to her that are not in the house)

For Generation 2 you choose at least 1 heir for each line, you can keep track of more than this however even with this it will be a challenge. 

Each generation goes like this until reaching generation 10, if you choose to go with keeping track of more than 2 lines, then you must follow that line until it dies(the sim dies before having an heir and no forcing their deaths if it you don't feel like doing em anymore)

All lines beyond the original 2 lines are extra so if any of those lines die out it doesn't count against you, however if one of the original 2 lines dies out points will be counted against you. 

Rules and restrictions on the 'mother':
when she makes ambrosia she cannot share it.(that doesn't mean that if they learn how to make it before their generation is over they can't eat it.)
She is not allowed to turn any in her family, however if she wishes to turn others outside her family she is allowed. 
She is allowed to marry. Humans she must watch die if she marries another vampire she eventually will get sick of them so they must be kicked out 2 generations after they join the household or sooner, she cannot share her ambrosia with her spouse human or vampire.
She must keep all generations before generation 10(that live with her) from being turned as well.
She is allowed to get a job, however she must quit it when she hits the top of one and go to another. She cannot keep a top rank job for more than two sim weeks. This goes for self-employed jobs as well. 
She must write book a book for each generation. 
Generation 9 she must not have a job, if she is in the middle of a job chain she must quit as soon as the children of this generation are born.
She is allowed to drink from her children if they are willing, but again, no turning them
She completely raises Generation 10.

Each generation must accomplish something for the family.

Here is the list: 
Generation 1: 
Build the 'Hall of Memories' for the 'mother' to keep her paintings and other memorabilia: preferably on either a top floor or a basement, when built this hall must only be accessible by the 'mother' 
Set up two master bedrooms. One for each of the main heirs. 
Expand the main house. 
One of the heirs must go into Business. 

Generation 2:
Become partner in 2 different businesses. To make sure the family always has a source of income. 
Build a small home on the lot for the mother, it must have a staircase or elevator into the hall of memories. This will be locked so only she can access it. It is her own private space, this must include a small garden for her. (im sure she already has a place she has been growing stuff for her ambrosia, just make it pretty), also she needs a small pond as well for the death fish.
One of the heirs must go into Music.

Generation 3:
Become a partner in 2 more businesses, to cement the family fortune.
Become full owner of the first two businesses.
Build a small monument to the 'mother' within the main house. It must include at least 3 paintings, and an ice sculpture that will never melt(if you have ambitions, if you don't have ambitions it must include 5+ paintings.) All of the mother. Optional to include: a bookcase which only has books about the mother in it. {3 extra points for the book shelf and at least one book, 2 more points per book, and they must be written by different family members}
One of the heirs must go into Science.

Generation 4:
Expand on the main house, include an extensive nursery to accommodate the children born in each generation.
Become full owner of the second two businesses. 
One of the heirs must go into politics.
One must be a writer this generation.

Generation 5:
One of the heirs must work at the hospital this generation.
Another must have a band. 
If you have more than 2 heirs, the third is an inventor(if you have ambitions), if not then they go into music.
Another business must be partnered and taken over completely this generation. 

Generation 6:
One heir must have the mixology LTW where they want to own a bar, and max out mixology. This must be completed this generation.
A bar must be bought this generation.
Another heir must have at least 3 different husbands, and at least 1 child with each one. This heir must have just a part time job. (which one is the heir of that particular line is up to you.)

Generation 7:
This generation must hoard money. They must earn at least $25k, and not touch it once it is earned. 
One of the heirs is a single parent this time around. 

Generation 8:
One of the heirs must have a band this time around. (yes I know I did this before) Their day job is Business.
The other main heir is in politics.
Another Venue must be bought.

Generation 9:
This whole generation is lazy, none of this generation can have more than a part time job. If they get a part time job as a teenager, that is their job for the rest of their life, if they quit they are too lazy to get another.
Because this generation is so lazy the 'mother' has had to have a bigger hand in the raising of their children, and because of this she cannot have a job this generation.

Generation 10:
When the first child of the 9th generation becomes a child, and after each generation has had at least one kid, the mother will be kicking the 9th generation out, angry at them and sick of their laziness. Or whatever reason you want to have for this.....
At least one of the heirs in this generation must befriend, fall in love and be turned by another vampire. Not the mother. {-20 points if the mother turns them}

Congratulations you have made it to the end of this challenge.

Other ways to play: 
you can do this as a Legacy challenge. Here are the changes to the Generational rules if you do so. 
Each legacy roll you do applies to each individual line, which means if you are going with 3 lines, you must do 3 rolls. 

The Legacy rolls will replace the goals already set out for the challenge with some exceptions:

Generation 1: Still must build the hall of memories, and must expand the main house.
Generation 2: build the mother's home, and make sure a stair case from the hall of memories goes into her home(if you have built it as a basement) as well as the garden and pond.
Generation 3: still have to build the monument to the 'mother'.
Generation 4: still have to build the extensive nursery.
Generation 5: (can be completely replaced)
Generation 6: (can be completely replaced)
Generation 7: still must build up the 25k and not spend it. 
Generation 8: (can be completely replaced)
Generation 9: this one cannot be replaced
Generation 10: Generation 9 still must be kicked out, and one of the heirs still must become a vampire as stated above.

Scoring: (still working on this)
If you make it through the set up you have an automatic 100 points.
Pregeneration: (mother's child) Generation 0
if she managed to teach the child to walk: 10 points
to talk: 10 points
potty training: 10 points
for each book read through: 5 points
toddler toys: 5 points each
toy oven: 5 points per level 15 total
block table: 5 points per level 15 points total
for each skill level learned before hitting teen on normal skills: 10 points
for each skill level learned before hitting YA on normal skills: 5 points
for each level of part time job before hitting YA: 15 points
for honor role when turning teen: 20 points
for honor role when turning YA: 20 points

generation 1-10+: (points are per child that learn these skills)
walk: 5
talk: 5
potty: 5
each book: 2
toddler toys: 3 
toy oven: 3
block table: 3
for each skill level learned before hitting teen on normal skills: 3
for each skill level learned before hitting YA on normal skills: 1
for each level of part time job before hitting YA: 5
Honor role as child before teen: 10
Honor role as teen before YA: 10

NOTE: if you have decided to have 3 lines that you are following instead of 2 then all points are doubled for the third blood line. For each painting outside the original 2 lines you get 5 point each. 

Other extra points:
painting of family members who have moved out: 5 points per painting.

What happens when you don't complete something in the challenge:
-20 points each time you don't compete a requirement for that particular generation or don't go by that generation's rules!

Rules on mods and cheats: use mods at your own risk, however, cheats and 'cheaty' mods outside the initial set up are not allowed. 

Initial use of cheats or cheats mods: -50 points
2nd use: -25
3rd use: -30
4th use: -35
and it keeps going up by 5 points each time use one, when the amount of points you lose gets to -50 again, then you can reset it to -25 and start the process over..... this can get very expensive and you could very quickly lose the challenge.

If you have negative points at the end of the challenge you lost the challenge.

Now if you don't want to use the point system don't, the point is to have fun! And if keeping track of the score is a pain and you are not having fun with it then don't do it.

I would love to see what people do with this challenge!

obviously the mother doesn't become a vampire, and she must get the ambrosia going faster, so extending the life span for this is acceptable though not in the middle of the game you must do it before you start
also exchange mixology for cooking and owning a bar for owning a restaurant(not just partner must own)
that is all i have come up with any ideas would be helpful!
I would greatly appreciate if anyone helps me with rules and/or point system to put in place with the other EPs since the only ones i have are Late Night and Ambitions.

Thank you for reading!

Introduction to Guinevere Silverwind

Hello, my name is Guinevere Silverwind, I believe it is my destiny to watch over my human descendants and make sure they are protected from those of the vampire persuasion. Now I know you are thinking, I am a vampire myself, how can I protect them from myself. Well you see, I became a vampire so I would live long enough to protect them all. This is my story!

I was born a human, had a pretty normal childhood, pretty boring teen years, nothing which was out of the ordinary.

When I became a young adult, I moved out and as far from my family as possible so I might have a new start.

I bought a home, it wasn't much but it had a good bit of land connected to it so I could eventually expand my house to make it into glorious home my descendants could enjoy, I did not realize then that it was my destiny to protect those descendants.

Not long after I moved in, I met Christopher Steel. It was love at first sight to put it lightly. I invited him over and one thing led to another and we were in bed together.

It was not long after that I realized I was pregnant. Before I started showing, I proposed to him. I was thrilled when he accepted, and he immediately moved in. When he found out I was pregnant he was thrilled.

It wasn't long after this that he made the fatal mistake of trying to fix our television. He was electrocuted and he passed away.

I was heart broken when I discovered the urn with his remains inside. I mourned deeply, the only thing keeping me going was the child I was carrying.

A few days after he passed, I had my first encounter with a vampire, his name was Connor Frio.

 I was amazed that they were real and I asked all sorts of questions, though he was still a new vampire himself, he told me that it if I wanted to watch and protect my descendants, I could do so as a vampire and that he would turn me himself once I was not pregnant.

When I went home after learning about vampirism, I decided to put a small memorial on the lot for my beloved Christopher, and since it had been his lifetime wish to have a perfect aquarium, I put in a pond, with his grave right next to it.
Before I knew it though I went into labor and brought home a beautiful bundle of joy, I named her Rachel Silverwind.

The day after I had her I called Connor up and told him I would take him up on his offer to turn me and asked if he would come over. He agreed and came right over.

He ended up asking about the father of my child and I broke into tears and he let me cry on his shoulder.

After my tears stopped falling he was right down to business of turning me, and told me afterwards I took to it very well.

He had to leave right after wards, and I cuddled my daughter telling her, that now Mommy would always be around to protect her and her children.